Balance of System (BOS)

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The Balance-of-System or BOS is a critical part of a solar system and is the least talked about or considered component. The BOS is a third of a PV solar system and accounts for the majority of maintenance and servicing requirements. BOS refers to the mechanical components that secure the system to a structure and the electrical components that transport, control and isolate energy produced by solar panels through to the inverter and distribution mechanism (sub-board/switchboard) for both the AC and DC side of the installation.

The mechanical component relates to the mounting of the system, fittings and fixtures. The electrical component relates to the cables (AC, DC and Earth), switches and breakers (AC and DC), enclosures (AC and DC), plugs and connectors, cable protection, HD conduit as well as module and frame earthing components.

The BOS also includes the components that connect and control the system within the distribution mechanism. The components and their application can have a serious effect on a PV solar system’s performance. BOS applies to all types of solar installations.