Why Solar Partners NZ (SPNZ)?

SPNZ is a New Zealand owned and operated company with a clear vision and mission, and that is to make solar affordable and safe for all New Zealanders. We have done this by partnering directly with industry giants, whose products have the reputation for safety and reliability, coupled with our industry experience spanning nearly a decade with solar installations over 65mW, servicing and sales experience. SPNZ supplies every single item required to sell, install and service solar systems, right down to the tools you need.  We offer all our clients industry-leading training covering every aspect of the solar industry.

SPNZ employs local people and supports the New Zealand economy by keeping profits in New Zealand. We are not owned by foreign investors syphoning profits off shore. SPNZ is dedicated to the solar industry of New Zealand.

SPNZ focuses on building synergistic partnerships. Our core philosophy has always revolved around the fact that we won’t sell or install a product that we wouldn’t have on our homes or the homes of our friends and family. 

Where are your products manufactured?

SPNZ products come directly from our tier-one suppliers based in Germany, Canada, England, Spain, China and Australia. All suppliers have a proven track record of quality, safety and reliability, and more importantly they meet and exceed the New Zealand and Australian Standards AS/NZS4777, AS/NZS 5033:2014, AS/NZS 3000 and AS/NZS 1170.2 wind loads. Our product offerings have been distilled from many years of field experience.

Our expertise lies within the solar industry. Solar is not an add-on business for SPNZ, Solar is all we do.  

What panels you offer?

We stock the complete range of Enasolar (NZ), Bosch, SMA (German) and Enphase micro inverters (USA). The features, benefits and technical details can be located under the Technical Specifications download tab, or by calling our helpful staff on 0800 SPNZ SPNZ.

What DC and AC Isolators do you stock?

The weakest links in both AC and DC solar installations are the AC and DC isolators. Unfortunately you never know if it really works until you need it to! Currently there are more than 25,000 DC isolators in recall. Recall brands range from NHP DC isolators, GEN3 and SPM rotary DC isolators, Avanco-branded DC isolators, DKSH Australia – PV Power DC isolators. An isolator recall can end your reputation and your business. However an unsafe isolator can end someone’s life and destroy property. The isolator you choose shouldn’t revolve around cost per unit; the only consideration is the safety of the end-user.

We stock and recommend IMO for both AC & DC installations. IMO are renowned as the unmatched industry leader in circuit breakers and DC isolation. IMO is at the forefront of control component technology, specifically developed for the renewable energy market and in particular solar energy. Whether meeting the demands of safe and efficient DC switching or delivering solutions that help to maximise solar energy conversion rates, you can be sure that IMO products have been developed to meet the highest technical and commercial standards. IMO have over a million isolators installed around the world without a failure! Tested to UL508i, TUV (60947-1 & 60947-3), CE & CCC. The IMO SI solar isolator has been tested by the most rigorous examiners and OME manufacturers in the world and have passed every single time without issue.

When quality counts…

Do you offer product training?

Yes we do. In fact we offer a multitude of training packages tailored to each specific area of the solar industry. Our trainers are all renowned experts in their field of solar.

  • Electrical Installation
  • Mechanical Installation
  • Solar System Design
  • Site Analysis
  • Product Training
  • Sales Training
  • Administration Training

Phone 0800 SPNZ SPNZ to book a spot today.

What if I want a product or system kit that you do not have on your website?

Contact us on 0800 SPNZ SPNZ and we will custom design a system for you. 

Where do we go for warranty claims?

One of the benefits of dealing with a company who is partnered with the world leaders in solar technology is that every product SPNZ sells has an industry leading warranty. All warranties are held in New Zealand. If for any reason a product fails a replacement is a phone call away - 0800 SPNZ SPNZ.

Do you offer volume discounts?

We have a discount subscription program that, depending on the package you subscribe to, allows you to add solar to your business. This allows you to compete with the biggest players in the market without all the prohibitive upfront costs. Contact SPNZ to learn more about how solar can grow your business - 0800 SPNZ SPNZ.

If you order in larger quantities each month you may be interested in our contract supply program which can provide further discounts based on a 12-month supply agreement for a minimum of 50 system kits per month. Speak to your SPNZ Business Development Manager or contact our office on 0800 SPNZ SPNZ to find out more.

Do you charge for delivery?

Yes we charge extra for delivery to your warehouse, business location or directly to your customer. When you place an order we will confirm the delivery charge.

How Solar Panels and Inverters work

There are predominantly four different types of panels available for residential applications each with different efficiencies and characteristics. It is important to remember that not all panels are capable of performing adequately in New Zealand conditions.

Product details

  • Training
  • Installation

Training with New Zealand’s Solar Power Specialists

Solar Partners NZ offers world-class training for the entire spectrum of solar services, from sales and design through to installation. Our comprehensive skill development program is designed to give a thorough understanding of our products, best practice in design and installation and after-sales maintenance. Prove your reliability and experience to your clients by registering for our training courses, available at our headquarters and across New Zealand.  

Benefits of Training with Solar Partners NZ:

  • Product training

It’s vital to understand your products’ unique benefits and their alternatives, so we provide product training direct from manufacturers to help you market, compare and supply the ideal solutions to your clients. 

  • Industry leading trainers

Our training is conducted by experienced authorities who lead in their field. You can learn from the best and be confident you’re offering quality service and support to your valued customers.  

  • Variety in training skills

We know that the entire customer experience matters: from sales to support. That’s why Solar Partners NZ provides training that encompasses the entire purchase process, including sales, design, installation and aftersales care.

  • Invaluable staff training

Our training programs offer an ideal way to upskill yourself and your employees.  With many transferrable skills such as our sales training, it could benefit your business in more areas than just solar.   

Book Solar System Training Now

The training program from Solar Partners NZ can help you improve leads through sales training, design customised solutions for your clients and install and connect solar systems safely and professionally. Our trainers are all industry leaders, experienced in their fields and highly qualified to provide professional instruction and support. If you are interested in booking training, contact us today.

To discuss training options for your organisation, call us on 0800 SPNZ SPNZ

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Solar Electrical Installation Training

As the renewable energy market continues to change and grow, we pride ourselves in staying ahead of the latest developments. Whether you are an electrician, plumber, roofer, developer or sales professional, you can select the perfect training courses for you and your team from a full range of renewable energy technologies.

We believe in the value of hands-on teaching, and our courses include as much practical teaching as possible. All of our trainers are certified installers of renewable energy systems. Our solar PV training course is structured to allow you, as a new entrant into the solar industry, to become a competent and confident installer and enter an exciting growing market with the required skills. After successfully completing this training you will have the skills to install solar PV (Photovoltaic) systems. This course is suitable for any electrician who wants to become a domestic solar Installer.

Course Overview

  • Electrical and Mechanical installation of AC and DC photovoltaic solar systems
  • Understanding balance of system components
  • Solar System design
  • Domestic Site analysis
  • DC Isolator sizing and installation

Why take our Electrical Installation Training?

This course will provide you with the foundation knowledge from which you can then build solar installation into your core business offering.

Our Solar install training course will provide you with a solid grounding in solar technology, the terminology associated with the industry, what makes up solar installation, the key benefits of solar technology as well a dedicated session on DC isolators.

This course is ideal for anyone wishing to install renewable energy. It is intended for new entrants to the renewable energy / solar market and as such there are no entry requirements other than an electrical licence.

This course is classroom-based at our specialist renewable energy training centre where you will also be able gain first-hand experience installing solar on a real roof, at height within our centre! You will also be able to see both AC and DC solar systems in action.

Book Solar System Training Now

The training program from Solar Partners NZ can help you improve leads through sales training, design customised solutions for your clients and install and connect solar systems safely and professionally. Our trainers are all industry leaders, experienced in their fields and highly qualified to provide professional instruction and support. If you are interested in booking training, contact us today.

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