Enphase S270 Microinverter

Product Code: S270-72-LN-2-AU

The new 5th generation Enphase S270 Microinverter achieves the highest inverter efficiency for both 60 and 72 cell modules rated from 230 to a huge 350 Watts, and features 95.6% EU efficiency. The simple bolt-on mounting method assures a speedy install, thanks to the plug and play Engage Cable connection system.

Each panel has its own inverter, meaning only low module voltage DC + 230VAC is present, improving safety, as there is no requirement for expensive high DC voltage isolation switches. The S270 has been through over one million hours of punishing testing, so you are assured of a reliable, rugged product. The industry-leading warranty of up to 10 years shows the level of quality that features in these microinverters.

Shading and debris on module losses are minimised, thus maximising energy production. The S270 is able to be configured to limit energy exports- essential for areas of high solar system penetration feeding into undersized mains and transformers.

The Enphase S270 seamlessly integrates with Engage Cable, Envoy-S communications gateway and Enphase's Enlighten analysis and monitoring software.

Warranty 10 years

Input Characteristics

Maximum DC power 285W

Maximum DC voltage 60V

Nominal voltage 16-48V

Minimum input voltage 27 V

Maximum input voltage 37V

Maximum input current A

Maximum strings  

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimensions (height x width x length) 175 x 172 x 35 mm

Weight 1.8 kg

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