Solar Partners NZ is a wholesaler committed to connecting resellers with installers, electricians and builders across New Zealand. Our partnership program allows resellers to add solar to their business without huge upfront costs or risk and, because we offer everything required for a complete solar system, receive timely deliveries from just one supplier. Take advantage of our buying power, industry experience and product knowledge for access to quality, cost-effective solar solutions. We also provide a range of training modules led by industry leaders across products, sales, design and installation for installers and resellers.

Exclusive Benefits of Partnering with Solar Partners NZ 

  • Minimised operating costs

Our nation-wide stock delivery and credit terms allow your organisation to compete in the market without huge upfront costs.

  • Competitive wholesale prices

Our substantial buying power means you can take advantage of lower costs, setting your own margins and marketing strategies.

  • Product and service training

We provide industry-leading training across sales, design and installation, providing product training for the systems we stock.

  • Growing market opportunities

With the solar energy market expanding daily, now is the ideal time to get involved in this lucrative industry. 

Installers, Electricians and Builders

If you’re a skilled installer, electrician or builder seeking partnership with solar resellers, register today. We can provide valuable product training, support and connections to help your business grow, including fully trained sales teams to sell on your behalf. 

Become a Partner Today. Call us on 0800 7769 776 today.