We stock a full range of products for solar generation.

Solar Kits

If you are not sure what you need, we have complete kits that include all the components you need.  Check out our range of kits to find the right one for your requirements.  Solar Kits


Find the panel that best suits your environment and solar collection requirements here. Panels


To convert the energy captured by the sun into electricity that can be used you need to have some type of inverter. Inverters


In order to get the most out of your solar panels you need to ensure that your panels are mounted safely and securely.  We have all your mounting requirements available here. Mounting


Monitoring your power generation and consumption enables maximum return on your investment.  Our fully automated monitoring systems can be monitored remotely from any internet capable device, putting the power in the palm of your hand.  Monitoring


Because power isn't always used when it is generated, storage devices enable you to get the most out of your power generation. Storage


All those other little bits to hold your whole solar project together can be found here. Accessories 




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