IMO MCB 3 Pole (Mini Circuit Breaker) 10kA, C Curve

  • Comes in 10A, 20A or 25A or 32A

Product Code for 10A: B10C3010A

Product Code for 20A: B10C3020A

Product Code for 25A: B10C3025A

Product Code for 32A: B10C3032A

Miniature Circuit Breakers B4/B6/B10, Residual Current Devices & Isolating Switches

The IMO range of miniature circuit breakers have been designed for protection of electrical installations against overload and short circuits and are manufactured in accordance with.IEC60898-1

  • New front design; cover and handle in arc shape.  
  • Contact position indicating window; transparent cover to carry label  
  • High short circuit capacity  
  • Applicable to terminal and Pin/Fork type busbar connection  
  • Finger protected connection terminals  
  • Handle padlock device

Tripping characteristics in accordance with B, C and D type curves 

  • Curve B: 3-5 In
  • Curve C: 5-10 In
  • Curve D: 10-20 In

Spec Sheet

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