IMO 2 Pole Link for IMO DC Switches / Isolators

Product Code: SIV-B1

Insulated Jumper SIV-B1 for series and parallel switching of contacts. 2 Pole Link for IMO DC Switches / Isolators.

For use with IMO 4 pole Isolators.

Industry Warning - Beware of Substandard DC Isolators  

In the solar industry you get what you pay for.  It is critical that you understand the implications of the products you sell your customers and who you buy your products from. Hundreds of solar businesses in Australia have closed down under the weight of product recalls and manufacturers/wholesalers going out of business. Just as an example, in Australia there are over 100,000 DC isolators in recall, brands such as  PV Power DC isolator, GEN3 and SPM rotary DC isolators, Avanco and NHP. 

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