CorruBracket 500T

Designed to prevent penetration from occurring in the profile valley, CorruBracket 500T is affixed to the crown of the corrugation, leaving the valleys free of holes, further protecting against leaks!

Installation is Easy

CorruBracket 500T is mounted directly onto the crown of the panel, straddling the valley. No surface preparation is necessary; simply wipe away excess oil and debris, align and apply. Secure directly into the crown of the roof profile by driving the appropriate screws into the six pre-punched holes, or pre-drilling the proper sized hole through the six pre-punched holes and riveting. Having no messy sealants to apply, CorruBracket 500T comes with a factory-applied EPDM rubber gasket seal already on the base, and the S-5!- reservoir conceals the EPDM from UV exposure, preventing drying and cracks. To ensure brackets are installed in a straight line, install a single CorruBracket 500T on each end of the roof at a measured, consistent distance from the bottom edge of the roof. Use a string line between the two brackets. Mount the remaining CorruBracket 500T along the string line, directly into the roof.

Do not remove the EPDM rubber gasket as this is for water-tightness weather-proofing.