Our Solar Services throughout New Zealand

Imagine how easy selling and installing solar could be with all of your products, services and information from one trusted supplier. Solar Partners NZ offers a range of services and support throughout New Zealand to help you provide outstanding service to your own clients. We can provide:

  • Fully pre-designed solar system kits and products
  • Training for electricians, builders, installers and retailers
  • Comprehensive product training direct from manufacturers
  • Live product demos in our warehouse
  • Trained sales teams available to bring you business
  • Admin teams available to assist with organisation
  • Referrals from our Solar Partners NZ customer portal
  • Assistance with technical support

Sales Teams That Work for You

If your business is busy or doesn’t have the resources for an in-house sales or administration team, we can help. We have dedicated sales and admin teams trained by our industry professionals who are available to generate leads and sales for your business and take care of day-to-day organisational matters. This enables you to focus on your core business while your solar branch continues to grow, making it easier to compete with the bigger players in the solar market.

Partnership Program

Solar Partners NZ offers a multi-level partnership program to make solar an accessible and profitable aspect of your product offering. Services available to members include training, sales and admin assistance and connection to technical support. With silver, gold and platinum subscription levels to choose from, you can receive priority access to training and  support as well as sales from the Solar Partners NZ customer portal. You can read more information on our Partnership Program page. 

Call 1800 123 456 for further information on our services.