Our Technical Support Services

Rest assured that with Solar Partners NZ you’ll never be without support. As part of our full product and service range we offer a technical support in case something goes wrong. All you need to do is open a ticket on our website. If you belong to our partnership program, you’ll receive priority assistance as part of your membership. With efficient response and support never far away, you can be confident in the quality products you sell.

Warranties held in NZ

Solar Partners NZ is proud to be locally owned and operated, providing local support throughout the country. As testament to this, all of our products and solar systems hold warranties here in New Zealand. That means if something does go wrong, you can access help and support without dealing with time delays or geographical limitations. We believe in providing the best level of care and making it accessible to all.

Access Technical Assistance

If you require technical assistance from a qualified builder, electrician or installer in your area, contact our team today. We’ll soon pair you with a skilled professional who can help you to provide a high level of after-sales care for your customers. We aim to create long-term partnerships that will be beneficial to all parties involved. For local warranties, technical support and rewarding partnerships for your solar systems and products, you can trust Solar Partners NZ.