A Solar photovoltaic (PV) sales training course gathers the best practices and accepted industry standards to prepare participants to become skilled at designing and drafting solar installation system proposals.

Solar design and sales training is important because it provides essential support to the growing solar industry. Solar companies need trained professionals to design and communicate their services to customers, in addition to being able to present their energy production estimates and financial analysis to customers in an effective way.

The sales course introduces the fundamentals of solar photovoltaic technology and markets for new professionals.

Course Overview

  • Sales procedures for solar  systems
  • System components
  • Site analysis
  • Components and System Sizing
  • Understanding the steps to installation of solar
  • Calculating payback periods

Why take our Solar Sales Training?

This simple one-day course will provide you with the foundation knowledge from which you can then build a successful sales career in solar.

A Solar sales training course will provide you with a solid grounding in solar technology, the terminology associated with the industry, what makes up solar installation, the key benefits of solar technology as well a dedicated session on payback calculations.

This course is ideal for anyone wishing to sell or market renewable energy. It is intended for new entrants to the renewable energy / solar market and as such there are no entry requirements.

This course will fast track anyone new to the industry to understanding all the different options available to home owners in the renewable market, help them understand the benefits and also enable them to make payback period calculations.

This course is classroom-based at our specialist renewable energy training centre where you will also be able to see first-hand every component of a solar system in action.