Canadian Solar CS6K-295MS SuperPower Black Frame

Product Code: CS6K-295MS-Black Frame

Cell Type: Mono-crystalline (Mono-PERC cell technology)

The CS6K-MS SuperPower has panels with Mono-PERC cells significantly improve efficiency and reliability. This new technology offers superior low irradiance performance in the morning, in the evening and on cloudy days, increasing the energy output of the panel and the overall yeild of the solar system.

Power: 295W

Size: 1650 * 992 * 40 mm

Weight: 18.2 kg


Suitable for harsh environments

  • Suitable for harsh environments by blocking moisture permeability and creating higher resistance to sandstorms, salt-mist and ammonia
  • Heavy snow load up to 5400 Pa
  • Wind load up to 2400 Pa 

IP67 junction box for weather endurance

  • Long-term weather endurance with IP67 junction box

Outstanding low light performance

  • The average module efficiency under low light irradiance condition (0.2 Sun) reaches over 97.5% under Standard Test Conditions (STC)

Lower temperature coefficients

  • Improved energy production due to low temperature coefficients of -0.39 % / °C (Pmax), -0.30 % / °C (Voc) and 0.053 % / °C (Isc)

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